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Clarinet Reversible Vase - Wholesale

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Glass Reversible Trumpet Vase. H-24", Open D-6"(Pack of 4 pcs)
H-24", Open D-6", Clear
Product IDGTR161-CS
Price: $52.00
Glass Reversible Trumpet Vase. H-36", Open D-9" (Pack of 2 pcs)
H-36", Open D-9", Clear
Product IDGTR162-CS
Price: $66.00
Glass Reversible Trumpet Vase. H-26.5", Open D-10" (Pack of 2 pcs)
H-26.5", Open D-10", Clear
Product IDGTR163-CS
Price: $51.60

Glass Trumpet Vase. H-23.5"Pack of 6 pcs
H-23.5", Open D-4.25", Clear
Product IDGTR167
Price: $89.10