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4 PC Clear Glass Cloche Dome D-12" H-12" (Available in 16 & 48 PCS)

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Package Quantity | Pack of 4 pcs ($87.99 each)


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  • Product Description

      Glass Cloche Dome H-12"

      • Cloche Outer Height: 12 Inches
      • Cloche Outer Diameter: 11.75 Inches
      • Cloche Inner Height: 11.5 Inches
      • Cloche Inner Diameter: 11.25 Inches
      • Glass Thickness: Approximately 0.25 Inches
      • Material: Glass
      • Product: Glass Cloche Dome
      • Style: Modern
      • Quantity: 4 pcs, 16 pcs, and 48 pcs
      • Color: Clear
      • Works for product storage, product display, or home decor
      • Can be used as a floral display or as an item visual protector
      • Made of hand-blown utility glass
      • Great functionality and durability
      • Note: Please understand the nature of hand-blown glass.
      Cloche Dome

      The cloche glass dome. Cloches, also known as glass domes, cloche domes, and bell jars, was first used by the French during the 18th century. Today, they are a great piece of decoration for home decor. The intentional use for these bell jars was for protection. But now they have a better purpose. Each item that the dome holds seems like it has an extraordinary story behind it, while the dome shares it with the viewer with its unique design. Not only do these cloches provide a characteristic display, or a trophy like feel to the item. It gives a cherishable feel for the person looking towards the object.

      Bell Jar

      Glass Bell Jar has the same functions as a Cloche Dome. There is two significant difference from a Bell Jar and the Cloche Dome. One is the physical looks, and the second is the particular purpose of the Bell Jar. First, let us talk about the physique of the bell jar. It is shaped like a bell, With a knob and opening edges heading outward. With its additional physical feature, it provides a more natural way to open and close the jar, granting direct access to what lies within.

      Straight-forward Design

      With no corners, the cloche dome has a unique feel of guarding everything that lies within its body. The transparent glass acts as a barrier to protect and display the beautiful world that lies within—the perfect storage unit for home decors to showcase the delicate unique masterpiece within. The dark wooden base at the bottom sets the ideal stage to draw all attention to what lies above.
  • Product Details
    • Variant: Pack of 4 pcs ($87.99 each)