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Pack of 30 LBS Black Tempered Glass Reflective Fire Glass 0.5"


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  • Product Description
      30 lbs Classic Mid-Night Black Tempered Fire Glass for Fire Pit & Fireplaces Indoor Outdoor Use Sparkling Look Eco-Friendly Non-Toxic

      • Brand: CYS
      • Size: 1/2" to 3/4"
      • Pack: 1 lb bag (30 Packs)
      • Colors: Mid-Night Black
      • Style: Reflective
      When it comes to modern decor, everything needs decorations, including the fire pit. If you are thinking about hanging stockings around the chimney, well, you have the wrong idea. We are talking about the fire glass. Beautifully colored, smoothen shattered temper glass that adds a modern decorative element to a fire pit. As you light the fire pit up, the glass not only doesn't emit any smell or poisonous gas, but it gently reflects the light that the fire release. Another specialty that this fire glass does is redirecting the fire in an unpredictable direction, providing the most natural dance of flames as it was burning from a campfire. Tweaking the look of the fire pit is one thing, but also able to have that natural fire dance, now that's the cherry on top.
      INDOOR OR OUTDOOR USE: Fire glass is great for indoor fireplaces, outdoor fire pits, bowls, and more. It was made for high heat consumption, our fire glass will not crack, discolor or degrade.

      SPARKLING TRANSFORMATION: 1/2 inch - 3/4 inch thick classic fire glass transforms the look of your indoor or outdoor fire feature. Mix colors to dress up your fire and see the stunning difference fire glass can make in appearance and warmth. 

      EASY TO USE, HARD TO MISS: Your fire feature will be the center of attention with easy to install CYS Glass fire glass. Easy to pour and easy to clean with vinegar and water, you can sit back and enjoy the brilliant color of the glass and flames coming to life.

      ECO-FRIENDLY: Fire feature glass is amazing for more than just its beauty – it’s environmentally friendly and energy-efficient too! Unlike fire stones, logs, or lava rocks, fire glass does not leave behind any soot, smoke, or toxic fumes.

      Our fire glass can be used as vase fillers for floral centerpieces, home decoration, or craft use.
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