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Pack of 30 LBS Green Glass Vase Filler for home decor Beads Flat Gem Stone D-0.6"

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  • Product Description
      Vase Fillers, Gem Stones - Green (Pack of 30 lbs bags)

      • Dimension: - 0.6" - 0.7"
      • Pack: 30 bags/30 lbs
      • Weight: Approx. 1 lb/bag Approx: 100 pcs/bag
      • Color: Green
      • Material: Gem Stones
      • Coverage Reference: 1 LB ≈ 4" D Cylinder Vase, 2" Deep

      Vase Fillers

      Vase Fillers are a great way to add color and personalize to any decoration. Whether you use glass gems, sand, or acrylic diamonds, get creative and start personalizing and giving your own unique touch to your decor. Vase fillers inspire creativity, with our wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes there are endless possibilities to what you can create.

      Glass Flat Gem Stones

      Glass Gem Flat Marbles, also known as fire stones.The secret to great flower arranging. Add these reusable clear glass gemstones to your floral displays while holding stems in place. These round glass gems have a flat bottom with a rounded top, like fallen raindrops. They are oval in shape and light will shine through them. Gemstones are very popular as vase fillers but also they are a great tool to spark up creativity in a type of decor.

      Straight-forward Design

      These simple and rounded glass gemstones are partly flat and partly rounded, resembling water droplets or raindrops. They are oval-shaped and completely transparent. Each bag is one pound and contains approximately 100 pieces.

      For Almost Any Kind of Project

      There are so many ways you can use these beautiful glass vase filler pebbles. They are commonly used as vase fillers, aquarium, and substrate decoration, table scatters, planter drainage, game pieces, or for arts and crafts. Fantastic For Event Decoration - When used as vase filler, these raindrop gemstones are wonderful additions to themed events or weddings with specific color schemes.

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