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Pack of 6 PCS Clear Glass Slant Cut Bowl with Wood Base D- 7" H-8.5"

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  • Product Description

      Glass Slant Cut Bubble Bowl With Wood Base H-8.5“

      • Product Total Height: 8.5 Inches
      • Body Width: 7 Inches
      • Opening Diameter: 4.5 Inches
      • Wood Base Height: 1.5 Inches
      • Wood Base Diameter: 5 Inches
      • Product: Slant Cut Glass Bowl
      • Pack: 6 pcs
      • Color: Clear
      • Material: Glass
      • Base Material: Wood
      • Works for weddings, events, or home decor
      • Can be used as a floral vase or plant terrarium
      • The thickened glass can provide better support for holding water


      Glass Slant Cut Bowl The unique shape of this vase can create many other uses for the vessel. With the proper aquatic plants, rock, and small fish, it can be an outstanding display decor. Or it can even be created into the perfect terrarium. Showing how artistic one can be with the display of a small garden within a world of its own.


      It's so easy to demonstrate your appreciation or love with these beautiful glass Bowl. Transform them into meaningful gifts for your spouse, friends, family, or colleagues by presenting a small sugary tidbit, a piece of jewelry, or some other small gift, and you're bound to steal the heart of your beloved recipient.


      The curves of the bowl bends the light that shines upon it. As if the glass isolates the outside world from what lies within. This simple design is somewhat mystical as it shields what lies within, yet also showing the treasures to all who look inside. With the unique look of the Slant Cut Bowl. It attracts many event designers to use as the centerpiece, with the design of the vase. Decors know that it will irresistibly draw the viewer's attention to have an obligation to look at what lies within.

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