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Pack of 4 PCS Clear Glass Apothecary Jar H-15" O-7.75" D-9"

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  • Product Description
      GAJ109 Candy Buffet Apothecary Jar

      • Total Height: 15 Inches
      • Total Width: 9 Inches
      • Opening: 7.75 Inches
      • Body Height: 5 Inches
      • Volume: Approximately 1.05 Gallons
      • Glass Thickness: Approximately 0.25 Inches
      • Color: Clear
      • Package Size: 4 Piece
      • Brand: CYS Excel

      Apothecary Jar-History

      Apothecary is also known as professional medicine. Many doctors require storage units. Glass jars are exceptional because they don"t bend or move and provide an ideal barrier to exposure. However, they needed to classify the medical items that will be stored-solid liquid and pills/capsules. One of those methods is changing the shape and size of the jar. Crafters hand-blow Apothecary jars into different sizes and shapes, but they become continuously more beautiful to attract buyers. With the unique designs of the jars and the change in the way, people store their medicine. Apothecary jars are seen less in the medical field but more in people's houses and events as Glass Decoration storage units.

      Apothecary Jar-Modern Decor

      Event planners love to use these to store food for people. Not only are they able to hold a large amount of food, but the lids can keep the food warm while denying any dust or critters that might be interested in the food within. The unique design on these jars will attract many that catches sight of it. Made with transparent glass material, it displays all the beautiful items within. As if it's asking you to put your hand inside to grab hold of all the treasures inside.

      Straight-forward Design

      Do not let the circular body fool you. These jars can hold a significant amount of candy inside with a lid that fits perfectly on top and a simple yet artistic knob. It is perfect for keeping items inside safe and provides easy access for those needing to obtain the things inside. Regardless if you are choosing those with a long or without a long stem. They will add a modern yet elegant feel to the event.

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