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Pack of 72 PCS Purple Vase Filler Natural Sea Urchin Shells D-2"-3"

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  • Product Description
      2"-3" Vase Filler Sea Urchin Shell
      • Sea Urchin Shell Purple Color
      • Urchin Shells Size 2"-3" Perfect Accents Nautical Décor
      • Air plants are very low maintenance. No need for soil and they only need water once a week. They will thrive virtually anywhere.
      • Improve the quality of your air with living air plants while beautifying your space at the same time.
      • From terrariums to home decor accents, air plants can be used to create truly unique art, crafts, and gifts for all occasions.
      Vase Fillers

      Vase Fillers are a great way to add color and personalize to any decoration. Whether you use glass gems, sand, or acrylic diamonds, get creative and start personalizing and giving your own unique touch to your decor. Vase fillers inspire creativity, with our wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes there are endless possibilities to what you can create.

      Natural Sea Urchin Shells

      Multi-Color Natural Pastel Sea Urchin Shells: These fun, fruit-like shapes have hollow centers that make them easy to string together like beads. Some people also use them as a simple way of housing air plants (by placing the root of the plant in the hollow). They come in a box with assorted, soft pastel colors: multicolor- pink, light pink, almost white, and light green. These clean natural sea shells are the perfect accent for candle making, filling clear glass shapes and lamps, nautical decor, ornaments, floral and wreath arrangements, and much more! Note: Sizes of each shell may vary between 2"-3" inches.

      NOTE :
      the number of pieces shown in photos for reference only.
      Dimension and weight is an approximation.
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