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Violet Acrylic Vase Filler Crushed Ice D-0.8"-1.2" - Pack of 18 LBS


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  • Product Description
      Acrylic Ice Rock Cubes 18 lbs, Vase Filler Violet, Table Scatters. Approx. 3060 pcs

      • Material: Acrylic
      • Color: Violet
      • Diameter: 0.8" - 1"
      • Shape: Ice Rock
      • Pack: 18 bags, 1 lb per bag, Approx 170 pcs per bag
      • Piece Counts: Approximately 3060 pcs
      Acrylic Diamonds

      Acrylic Display Ice Stones. Beautiful crystal clear display fake plastic ice pieces are great for a variety of types of displays. Widely used as vase fillers, table scatters for home decoration, event, wedding receptions, parties, etc. Perfect size for simple design decor. Available in a wide selection of colors.

      Vase Fillers

      Vase Fillers are a great way to add color and personalize to any decoration. Whether you use glass gems, sand, or acrylic ice stones, get creative and start personalizing and giving your own unique touch to your decor. Vase fillers inspire creativity, with our wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes there are endless possibilities to what you can create.

      Acrylic Gem Stones

      Acrylic fillers can shimmer light like uncut gemstones. It is excellent as vase fillers for wedding receptions and other various event decorations. Also, they are widely used as table scatters. You can submerge these acrylic ice fillers in water to create a stunning attractive water display.

      Straight-forward Design

      These simple Acrylic designs are made to resemble ice blocks. Like the ones displayed in glass wine cups and completely transparent. Each bag is one pound and contains approximately 170 pieces.

      For Almost Any Kind of Project

      There are so many ways you can use these beautiful Acrylic vase filler ice rocks. They are commonly used as vase fillers, aquarium, and substrate decoration, table scatters, planter drainage, game pieces, or for arts and crafts. When used as vase filler, these ice block-shaped acrylic rocks are wonderful additions to themed events or weddings with specific color schemes."
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